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Avoid Unnecessary Heloc Fees

Calculate your fee savings

Home Equity Line of Credit

Don’t overpay for your HELOC. Avoid unnecessary fees and closing costs with a HELOC from Members 1st.


HELOC fees can be as much as 6% of your HELOC loan amount. That adds up to $2,400 on a $40,000 HELOC. Unlike other lenders, you pay no fees with a Members 1st HELOC and can avoid the following fees.
  • Application fees
  • Loan origination fees
  • Home appraisal fees
  • Annual fees
  • Title search fees
  • Document preparation fees

Loan Features

Flexible borrowing for your expenses or extra peace of mind.

Get up to $100,000

Receive maximum financing of $100,000.

Low payments

Enjoy low minimum monthly payments during your draw period.2

Tax deductions

Consult your tax advisor for potential tax-deductible interest.3

Fast approval

Get approved for your HELOC within 24 hours.

Automatic Payments

Set it and forget it. Never miss a payment again with automatic payments from your Members 1st or other checking account.

Fee free

No application, processing, or early payoff fees.1


Get the answers to your home equity questions.

Home Valuations


Fixed and variable rates to meet your needs.

Fixed Home Equity Line of Credit

APR as low as6.75%
Term15 Years
View Rates Apply Now

Variable Home Equity Line of Credit

APR as low as4.75%
Term25 Years
View Rates Apply Now

1. Line of Credit must remain open for the first 12 months to avoid pre-payment penalties.
2. Low repayment plan based on 360-month repayment duration while in draw period. After the draw period, the payment transitions to revised repayment duration based on the repayment plan for your loan.
3. Consult your tax advisor. Members 1st Credit Union does not provide tax advice.

This page contains disclosures that have been provided for your information. Please print or retain a copy for your own records. Members 1st Credit Union will acquire a security interest in your dwelling. The loss of the dwelling may occur in the event of default. Under certain conditions, Members 1st Credit Union may terminate the plan and require payment of the outstanding balance in full in a single payment and impose fees upon termination; prohibit additional extensions of credit or reduce the credit limit; and, as specified in the initial agreement, implement certain changes in the plan. You may receive, upon request, information about the conditions under which such actions may occur.

Apply now or speak with one of our loan officers at (800) 303-3838.