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1HELOC fees from competitors may include application fees, home appraisal fees, title search fees, and document preparation fees. The competitor’s interest rate is based on an above average credit score. Default competitor information is based on averages obtained from information published on competitor websites on March 30, 2017. The competitor fee amount is based on a 6% fee of the loan amount.

The figures entered on the input page of this calculator are for hypothetical purposes only. You should enter figures that are appropriate to your individual situation. The results provided by this calculator are also intended for illustrative purposes only and accuracy is not guaranteed. Members 1st Credit Union and its affiliates are not tax or legal advisors. This calculator is not intended to offer any tax , legal, financial, or investment advice and does not assure the availability of or your eligibility for any specific product offered by Members 1st Credit Union, its affiliates or any other institution, nor does this calculator predict or guarantee the actual results of any investment product. The terms and conditions of products offered by institutions will differ and may affect the results of the calculator. Please consult with qualified professionals to discuss your situation. The final APR may differ from the APR in the above results due to additional fees that may be applicable. Please contact a Members 1st Credit Union loan specialist for an accurate estimate on your personal finances.

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