New and Events for 2012

12.18.2012 Members 1st Cash Mob Debuts
11.20.2012 Security images displayed incorrectly in IE
10.24.2012 Members 1st Awarded Best in Shasta
09.25.2012 Fraudulent Text Messages
09.05.2012 Record Searchlight Acknowledges Members 1st Service
08.22.2012 Card Skimming Device Found in Red Bluff
07.26.2012 Independent Audit Review
07.13.2012 Chico Payment Center Temporarily Closed
07.05.2012 Members 1st Partners to Offer Student Loans
04.17.2012 Annual Membership Meeting Notice
04.04.2012 Members 1st Checking a Top-Pick
02.01.2012 Online Banking Security Enhancement